Sleep Dentistry

Fear of the dentist? Enjoy worry free sleep dentistry

If you’re feeling worried about visiting the dentist, we understand. For over 45 years, General and Cosmetic Dentistry has provided the kind of dental care that calms anxious patients.

We find that local anaesthetic, tranquil atmosphere, soothing music or TV and the unruffled reassurances of friendly staff are usually enough to give patients with dental anxiety a pleasant and pain free experience.

However, for those who suffer from a severe fear of the dentist, we are now pleased to offer sedation options in the form of ‘sleep dentistry’ of ‘sedation dentistry’.

What is sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry involves supervised sedation through an intravenous injection (IV) that is administered by an Anaesthetist while you recline in the dental chair.

Though you are in fact conscious and able to follow requests from your dentist, it induces a deeply relaxed state in which pain, awareness and recollection are reduced. While under IV sedation, time passes very quickly and you won’t remember much of what happened. Some people remember nothing at all.

If you worry that you won’t tolerate the dental treatments that have been recommended, sedation may be the right option for you.

Is sleep dentistry safe?

IV sedation is extremely safe. Of course, it’s important that you are evaluated as a suitable candidate as there are some contraindications.

A fully qualified Anaesthesist will administer the injection and monitor your pulse and oxygen levels throughout the procedure. After a short recovery period (usually 20-30 minutes) it’s important you have a companion to take you home. You can rest assured there are no unpleasant side effects, and all you’ll feel is the enormous relief of having had your dental treatment both pain and worry free.

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