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Why do teeth crack?

Cracked Teeth | Dental Crowns Kew EastTeeth are strong and durable for most daily use. Covered in protective enamel, teeth can sustain most normal force from chewing. Some conditions, however, put teeth at risk for cracks and damage.

Teeth Grinding

Having a teeth grinding habit puts your smile at risk. Constant force from a teeth grinding habit may eventually compromise the enamel covering teeth and cause a crack or split to occur.

Biting into Hard Substances

Teeth are designed for eating, not for biting into hard objects such as olive stones or ice. Occasionally, biting into something unexpected can lead to a fractured tooth.

Decay (Dental Caries)

Decay compromises the structural integrity of teeth because it softens the enamel surrounding your teeth. When decay involves a significant portion of your natural tooth, it can lead to damage requiring restoration.

Accidents or Sports Injuries

Accidents sometimes happen, and when teeth crack due to an accident or sports injury, we can often restore teeth with dental crowns to protect the structure.

Dental Crowns to Repair Cracked Teeth

Fillings seal the tooth and fill in a cavity after removing decay. A crown provides greater protection by covering the natural tooth structure and holding the tooth together as you chew. We offer crowns in both porcelain fused to metal and full porcelain options. We will be happy to discuss which will best support your smile.